Suspended solids measurement in sludge from sedimentation basins at water treatment plants:

The sludge from sedimentation basins, commonly known as Lovö basins at surface water treatment plants, is usually reintroduced to the water source within the scope of applicable permits. In many instances, alternative approaches are being explored, including dewatering and disposal or pumping to wastewater treatment facilities.

When opting for pumping to wastewater treatment plants, it becomes essential to maintain control over the sludge’s Total Suspended Solids (TS) concentration to ensure efficient pumping procedures. Additionally, the quantity pumped in kilograms per day needs to be accurately determined.

The Suspended Solids Meter CTX 20/25, or alternatively CTX 20/25, measures the online TS concentration adjacent to the outgoing flow meter. This provision offers insights into mass balance, ultimately contributing to more effective pumping processes.