Alarm in case of increasing sludge content in white- and green liquor

CTX 20/25 is available in a special variant K that has Kalrez® seals against the medium, which are used after white and green liquor clarifiers of the filter or filter sock type, where you have the direct benefit of early detection of possible holes in filter cloths or filter socks.

In clarified green liquor, the sludge content should be lower than 50 mg/l to give good mesa properties and normal ballast loads in the lime cycle. Also for white liquor, a normal value for the sludge content is lower than 50 mg/l in order not to cause problems with encrustation. In modern factories with a hard closure, lower sludge contents may be required.

The sensor CTX20/25K is installed by-pass with output on the pressure side of a pump and return on the suction side. The white liquor often maintains a temperature of 95-100 °C. The temperature in the sensor should not fall below 85-90 °C because you want to avoid incrustations in the measuring head.

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