Process optimization, energy efficiency, quality assurance through control of blowing machines

Process optimization by measuring the oxygen content of the water with O2X and ensuring that sufficient air (dissolved oxygen) is supplied to the aerated, aerobic zone. The microorganisms are given the right living conditions to break down biological material (BOD) and oxidize ammonium and nitrite. In activated sludge nitrogen reduction plants with anoxic zones, O2X monitors and controls that it is oxygen-free. You get full denitrification.

To achieve energy efficiency in the activated sludge stage, the dissolved oxygen content in the water can be measured with O2X. The information from the oxygen meter is fed back via a regulator to regulate the speed of blowers or to control valves to keep the oxygen content around an optimal set value (often around 2-3mg/l). In most cases, this means considerable financial savings, as blowers are in many cases the treatment plant’s biggest electricity consumer.

Measuring and controlling the oxygen content ensures a smooth and safe process; in this way the process is secured and quality assured.

Management of sludge extraction, control of sludge age (SO)

Process optimization and sludge quality, regulation of the activated sludge plant with.

Good quality of the sludge in the activated sludge plant depends on a number of parameters. One of these is sludge age. If you want nitrification, the sludge age is one of two important factors. The degree of nitrification is primarily dependent on the sludge age and increases with it. The other factor is the temperature. Sludge age indicates the ratio between biomass and sludge production.

A simple way to achieve a process optimization and check that the sludge age remains reasonably constant is to measure the sludge content in the aeration and in the return sludge. The measurements are used to control the activated sludge stage according to the formula for sludge age. They try to maintain a constant sludge age by regulating when and possibly how much excess sludge must be removed.

SO = (Vl x SSl) / (Qös x SSös + Qut x SSut)

If SSut < 20 mg/l, this can usually be disregarded. Assumes that SSös = SSrs.

Now you can calculate your own slim age (Excel)