Flow Measurement

Simultaneous measurement and registration of incoming and overflow water – Flow in open channels and weirs

  • Calculate mass balance and target values by measuring and recording incoming and outgoing water flow.
  • Measure and document overflows of untreated or partially treated water.

Submersible sensor FLX for flow measurement as a function of the level in open channels.


Effective sampling without a dirty sample cup – COW

Incoming sewage water contains dissolved and particulate material. A representative sample requires the sampler to be able to pick up both large and small, light and heavy particles. At high lift heights, 3-6 meters, there is a risk that heavier particles or flocs settle in the suction hose, making the sample not representative.

At lift heights exceeding 3 meters, in pump wells, you choose the “preloaded vacuum” function in the COW sampler’s menu. The sampling cup will then be evacuated before the valve to the lift hose opens. The residence time in the hose is minimized, and sedimentation is avoided.

The built-in cleaning automation in COW prevents biofilm and grease build-up, making manual cleaning easier.

Sample Storage

Secure cooling storage of samples in demanding environments with refrigerators WS 312 and WS 316.

Sampling and sample storage regulations require that the sample collection container is stored at a maximum of +4 degrees during the sampling period. Refrigerators WS 312/WS 316 are entirely made of stainless steel, which makes the refrigerator resistant to hydrogen sulfide and moisture. The refrigerators have IP 44 protection class and meet the requirements set by the Swedish Electrical Safety Authority for equipment located in wet areas.

Previously, white standard refrigerators were typically used. They do not meet today’s requirements regarding components and are susceptible to hydrogen sulfide and corrosion, which jeopardizes their function and personal safety.