Susphalt measurement of flue gas condensate from cogeneration plants

Susphaltimeter BB2 with sensor CTX.

Before the sand filter, the pH value of the condensate is raised to around 7. The filtered condensate water is led to a leveling vessel where the susphalt is measured with a susphalt meter / flow sensor CTX 20/25, which then controls the plant. The purpose is to protect subsequent purification steps. If the susphalt after the sand filter exceeds 10mg/l, the pumps that supply the RO unit with water are stopped and this is overflowed to protect the plant. When the susphalt meter registers levels below 5 mg/l, the RO unit is restarted.
Under normal operating conditions, the water is led further to a battery of hydrocyclones for the separation of soot particles. The contaminated water is led back to the neutralization and the sand filter.