Control of Primary Sludge Extraction

Measure the sludge level and extract the correct amount of primary sludge

Automatically measure the sludge level in the pre-sedimentation with the sludge level meter CBX (formerly CAT) to ensure good operation on subsequent biostages. Correct withdrawal of primary sludge prevents excessive sludge loading. The control brings a reduced amount of water to the digestion chamber and thus results in a lower heating requirement; it means saved energy.

Strategy for widening- economics in the activated sludge stage

Automatic sludge level measurement in the post-sedimentation reveals overloading of the biostage, which is managed by appropriate overflow strategy of pre-settled water. Sludge escape from post-sedimentation is prevented and the phosphorus content in outgoing water is reduced, as the phosphorus is mainly particulate bound.

Optimization of thickeners

Sludge level measurement with CBX in the thickener keeps the sludge level below the discharge chute and internal recirculation of sludge is prevented. Higher TS content through optimized thickening results in higher gas production in the digester.